New Plan for Blog

So I have a new idea for this blog. I’ve been using it only sporadically, more or less simply to announce updates about my research, reading, and teaching, with occasional thoughts and reflections about ideas I’ve come across while participating in those arenas. However, with the beginning of the Spring 2022 semester upon us, I’m […]

End of fall semester update

It’s about time for an update, I think. I made it through another busy semester of teaching 5 classes, while writing and doing research on the side as much as possible (the latter being somewhat minimal, considering the former). I feel like my “Monsters in British Literature” class was mostly successful. I taught a few […]

Morning reading (Forests and Foucault)

Well, it’s week 8 of the semester, and my time for research and writing has seemed to have shrunk since I gave my last update four weeks ago. Alas, to have a sense of free time, purpose, and control at the beginning of an academic year…. I am still carving out some time to read […]

Week 4 of Fall 2021 – a check-in

This semester is already seeming to fly by. Time to check in! I’m teaching four sections of freshman English Rhetoric/Composition and one sophomore-level British Literature. In the latter, I’m teaching a new theme, “Monsters,” which the students seem to enjoy and I’m definitely enjoying. In the former, I’ve chosen the theme, “(Environ)mental health.” I typically […]

End of DH summer

This post is mainly going to be in praise of Khan Academy’s JavaScript introductory course, which I mentioned I had started in my last post. I’ve now just about completed it, and surprisingly, I’m still rather into programming and coding. It’s still pretty fresh, and just yesterday, I had a discussion with a geologist friend […]

DH summer update

I wrote last time about how I was taking this summer to brush up on digital humanities basics and even get into a little computer programming. The summer is about halfway through now (it goes by so fast!), so I figure it’s time for an update on what I’ve been doing in this area. I’m […]

Digital Humanities summer plans

So…. I enrolled for a Harvard edX class this summer, titled simply “Introduction to Digital Humanities.” I’m really looking forward to it. Apparently, if you pay a little bit, you can get a certificate saying you completed the class and you get your assignments graded and such, so I’m going to do that. Lifelong learner! […]

End of Spring Semester

Well, I am just about through this academic year that’s been so impacted by Covid. I teach class on Friday and Monday, and after that I’ll just have some grading to do. Woohoo! I’m looking forward to the summer. As usual, I have high ambitions to get a lot done. I’m trying to be realistic […]

Spring semester 2021 on the way…

Happy new year! I’m just about a week away from a new semester and am trying to get organized and get some quality research and writing in before the constant struggle of balancing research and teaching starts up yet again. I thought I’d write a quick update, especially as I’ve really let this blog get […]