ASLE’s acorns

This post is a reflection on my experience at the biennial conference of ASLE (Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment) last week, which was held at University of California-Davis. To read my reflection on the previous conference in Detroit, see this post on the collaborative blog “cloudsruinswoodswebs” that I created during graduate […]

Upcoming ASLE presentation

In about two weeks, I’ll be heading to Davis, California, for the biennial conference of ASLE (Association for the Study of Literature and Environment). I’ll be presenting my research at a Roundtable presentation titled “Thinking with Pollination.” My talk is called simply “Arden’s Acorns,” and the abstract I submitted for it reads as follows: Shakespeare’s […]

Finding the summer rhythm

Boy, has it been tough to get into a writing/research routine this summer! I have drawn out a schedule for June with priorities and deadlines and word-count goals and such (including an intent to write a blog post once a week), but I want to talk in this post about my struggle to find rhythm […]

Animal studies digression (snake edition)

Last night, I saw a snake outside of my apartment, chillin’ in the corridor. I believe it was a black racer, a nonvenomous Coluber constrictor. Granted, this blog is plant-studies focused, but my encounter with the snake has prompted some thoughts that I thought I’d share. First, I should mention I hadn’t noticed the snake […]

Summer reading (May edition)

I haven’t written in a while other than giving a couple of quick updates post-dissertation, so this will be a short post that discusses some of what I’ve been reading lately, mainly as a way to jumpstart my blog writing again but also to articulate a few thoughts about some rather disparate source material I’ve […]

Mission complete ; Future plans

This is another short update post, now that the semester is coming to a close and graduation quickly approaches. I’ve basically taken a break from writing since my dissertation defense, but now a couple of weeks have passed, I’ve attended the annual SAA (Shakespeare Association of America) conference, I’ve finished up the last week of […]

Dissertation Defended!

This post comes post-defense, and yes, I’m very happy to report that I passed! It is very exciting, but at the same time, the semester still has a month or so left, I have upcoming conferences to prepare for, and generally, the writing and research continues. However, I want to take a minute here to […]