Entangled Life

There are many ways to be a plant, and many ways to be a fungus. Merlin Sheldrake, Entangled Life, p. 132 So I’ve been reading Merlin Sheldrake’s first book, which discusses fungi and mushrooms in a pop science sort of way. A colleague of mine describes it as a book that “makes mushrooms sexy.” As […]

Teaching and Research Updates

Well, I’m making it through this Covid-mester. It’s been a challenge, teaching six classes, while trying to get research and writing in, but here I am in Week 12 of the semester, approaching the end with some degree of sanity left. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m teaching all face-to-face classes (reduced size, […]

Teaching update (Fall 2020)

It’s a new semester, even if it’s another COVID-mester, and that’s exciting for me. I felt like the tedium of my summer job was going to crush me, so I’m really happy to be in the front of the classroom again, doing something I love. My Uni hired me as a full-time Lecturer (non-tenure track) […]

Research and teaching update (midsommar)

July begins! I’m making a little progress on my Botanical Shakespeare contribution, but man, do I miss writing group! Not only for the accountability but also for the privilege of talking through your ideas with peers and getting feedback. Right now, I’m wrestling with joining the concepts of critical plant studies with older discourse about […]

How I spent my summer vacation

Today I just want to write a little about my current schedule and how I’m attempting to work in in research and writing around my part-time job in the Engineering Department. I think describing the process, the day-to-day, is a useful exercise to do every now and then and also potentially useful for others thinking […]

June update

Well, May came and went without an update from me, but here I finally am, at the end of June, checking in. I could say some stuff about Coronavirus, but I won’t. The main point that I’d like to emphasize is that I’d like to reverse the trend of posting infrequently. I want to post […]

April Update

In the midst of this Coronavirus quarantine, I’m finally getting a chance to slow down for a minute and write a blog post again. I’ve been very busy with job applications/interviews, my book project, a new writing project (invited book chapter), my job (the one that hasn’t gone online), teaching literature and writing courses, and […]

Brilliant Green: A book review

I just finished reading a cool book: It’s a very accessible read in easy-to-understand language, and at just over 150 pages, it’s a breezy and often brilliant overview of/introduction to the fields of plant cognition, behavior, and intelligence. And “intelligence” is a key word of the book, as Mancuso and Viola push hard throughout to […]

Weeds and words: A book review

I just finished reading Kate Burridge’s Weeds in the Garden of Words: Further Observations on the Tangled History of the English Language (Cambridge University Press, 2004). In this post, I will provide an overview and short review of the book, discussing in particular Burridge’s use of the botanical metaphor. I will also mention a few examples […]