Mission complete ; Future plans

This is another short update post, now that the semester is coming to a close and graduation quickly approaches. I’ve basically taken a break from writing since my dissertation defense, but now a couple of weeks have passed, I’ve attended the annual SAA (Shakespeare Association of America) conference, I’ve finished up the last week of […]

Dissertation Defended!

This post comes post-defense, and yes, I’m very happy to report that I passed! It is very exciting, but at the same time, the semester still has a month or so left, I have upcoming conferences to prepare for, and generally, the writing and research continues. However, I want to take a minute here to […]

A quick update: event horizon

I just thought I’d write a really short post about where I am in the process of writing my dissertation since I haven’t been blogging for the last few weeks. February has certainly been a kick in the pants. I’m less than a month away from my BIG deadline of submitting a complete manuscript to […]

Writing into the night

It’s hard to get motivated to write after a day of teaching. But that’s what I’m doing now as it approaches 11 PM. Thus far tonight, I’ve done some reading and brainstorming for my two less developed chapters. With my Macbeth chapter, I mainly did some rearranging and organizing, but I also had the thought […]

(H)erbacious errata

I was working through a section of my dissertation today in which I had imported some paragraphs from an earlier draft and came across a term that I decided, at the suggestion of my advisor, to abandon (for the time being, anyway). The orphan in question: “extended meta-flor.” I have a lot of other made-up […]

New year; last semester in grad school

Well, here 2019 is, and I’m just a few short days away from beginning the semester that I plan/hope to defend my dissertation. Exciting? Terrifying? Overwhelming? Yes, yes, and yes. In the new year, I’d like to return to the two-posts-a-week format for the blog. In one of these, I will continue to reflect on […]

Ecocritical Anachronism

In this post, I’m just going to talk a little about one of the sources for my dissertation that I’ve found helpful. Shakespeare and Ecology (Oxford UP, 2015), by Randall Martin, has five chapters that discuss various Shakespeare plays, including two plays I’m writing about, As You Like It and Macbeth. These are my first […]