On the market

The semester is going pretty well – it’s about halfway through – but I’ve just begun applying to jobs. So this post will about my experience being on the job market so far this academic year. Being on the job market is tough, I will say. Last year, I sent out a “soft set” of […]

First week of “fall” classes

In this post, I want to write a short reflection on my first week back teaching again, before the semester gets too busy. I’m enjoying my classes and students so far this time around, despite the heavier workload I’m attempting. So I’ll just say a little bit about what I’ve been doing, what seems to […]

What I did this summer

School starts tomorrow for me, so I thought I’d do a summer reflection post. I’ve already been lamenting about how quickly it has passed, but I did get a few things done that I’m happy and proud of that I’ll take a few minutes to share. Perhaps foremost, I was lucky enough to land a […]

Dissertation in ruins

I had the pleasure of attending a friend-and-colleague’s dissertation defense this past week. This was the third defense I’ve been to, excluding my own, and I thought I’d share a few thoughts about the defense, as well as how it differed from mine and others. Although I would have attended anyway, I was particularly interested […]

ASLE’s acorns

This post is a reflection on my experience at the biennial conference of ASLE (Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment) last week, which was held at University of California-Davis. To read my reflection on the previous conference in Detroit, see this post on the collaborative blog “cloudsruinswoodswebs” that I created during graduate […]